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Vizstarter knows what’s most important for product launches in the US. We constantly research and strive to find the best solution. The challenges and growth we’ve achieved with our clients will ensure a smooth launch in the States. 

Kickstarter and Indiegogo are not the only platforms we work with. We go the extra mile and take steps to appropriately launch your product on Amazon and other various distribution channels in the US. Vizstarter is your stepping stone for a successful product launch. 

Success Story 1

Prepared Amazon Launching with Vizstarter and reached $200,000 yearly sales revenue on Amazon. 

Despite the pandemic, we have partnered with various distribution channels to result in a 250% growth for the second year in a row.

Yearly Revenue

Success Story 2

Funded 600%+ on crowdfunding campaign and continued to grow 70% in average monthly sales revenue for consecutive months post-launch via distribution channels. 

Pitched product demo sessions to media and resulted in positive buzz, earned media and excellent public relations, leading to higher sales


Monthly Revenue Growth

Success Story 3

Displayed 295% sales revenue growth after two months of using the Amazon & Beyond service. 

Collaborated with a 1 million subscriber YouTuber and other social media influencers to raise brand awareness, and obtained a high review rating from fast and friendly customer service. 


Revenue Growth

Our US-based Vizstarter team will accompany you from beginning to success.

Each story and each campaign is like a new world for us. The Vizstarter Team is eager to hear YOUR stories and create YOUR new unique world.

Vizstarter strives to fully comprehend each unique story , and we use our skill sets to share that story to the maximum potential. 

Your Story & Dream is Vizstarter’s Story & Dream.

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