Crowdfunding – We are with You from Beginning to Success.

A One-stop Solution Including Planning, Videography, Copywriting, Marketing, Backer Support and Logistics
✓  Conducted by Experienced and Professional Local Teams in the US
Utilization of Local Networks with Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Vizstarter understands the thrill and burden of any crowdfunding campaign launch, especially after detailed preparation of your product. We consult and strategically plan each campaign to the best of our ability.

Prepare your campaign with professionals now. Vizstarter will create a successful campaign.


Campaign Preparation

We help with the very first step — US business registration, opening a US bank account and campaign planning. 

We meticulously consult our clients to precisely understand the product and the product story. Then, we consult the latest crowdfunding trends and news as well as our previous experience to strategically plan the overall campaign.


  • Contactless US Business Registration
  • US Business Address & Phone Number
  • Opening US Bank Account for Kickstarter Funds
  • Accounting/Tax/Legal Support Services


  • Systematic Crowdfunding Information
  • Competing Product/Campaign Research & Analysis
  • Strategic Funding Goal & Reward Option Setting
  • Campaign Concept and Advertising Strategy Consulting
  • Consultation Meeting & Reports


  • Comprehensive Crowdfunding Planning & Management
  • Campaign Concept & Brand Story 
  • Effective Marketing Strategy Aligning with Budget
  • Fully Comprehensive Management from Planning to Shipping


Campaign Marketing

We conduct marketing and advertising for higher funding, including pre-launch marketing to collect relevant e-mail lists, online ads while the campaign is live, focus on online marketing during the actual campaign, and pitches to influencers and media for increased campaign exposure.


  • Marketing Strategy that Aligns with Budget and Funding Goals
  • Content Designed by Local Marketing Team
  • Online Marketing (Social Media & Google Ads)
  • E-mail List Collection via Landing Page and Pre-Launch Marketing

Social Media & PR

  • Social Media Influencer Connection & Content Development
  • Campaign Promotion via Social Media Platforms
  • Press Kit Developed by Local PR Team
  • Press Release Distribution & Media Contact


Other Services

Vizstarter doesn’t stop at campaign development. We offer various services to successfully launch your product in the US market during and after your crowdfunding campaign.

Backer Support

  • Backer Support Team with Fast & Friendly Customer Service
  • Weekly Updates to Communicate with Backers
  • Backer Product Feedback Report for Clients
  • Phone Support (Available with Localization)

Post-Campaign Support

  • More Funding via Indiegogo InDemand
  • Backer Survey, Logistics & Shipment Support
  • Amazon & Distribution Platform Launch Consultation
  • Inventory & Returns Management and Customer Service

Our US-based Vizstarter team will accompany you from beginning to success.

Each story and each campaign is like a new world for us. The Vizstarter Team is eager to hear YOUR stories and create YOUR new unique world.

Vizstarter strives to fully comprehend each unique story , and we use our skill sets to share that story to the maximum potential. 

Your Story & Dream is Vizstarter’s Story & Dream.

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