Vizstarter is your one-stop guide for your global launch.

Specialty & Expertise in both Korea & United States
Official US Launch Service after Crowdfunding Campaign
Excellent Customer Service, Inventory & A-Z One-Stop Solution


Vizstarter Knows the US, Vizstarter in the US

Vizstarter has assisted start-ups and small and midsize businesses launch in the United States for years. The strategies from previous experience, networks with local companies, coupled with the deep insight and accurate analysis of the US market lead to success in the US market — all conducted by Vizstarter’s own local teams in the States.

We design and manage campaigns that effectively target the appropriate crowdfunding audience. We carefully research and analyze the US market before launching on platforms such as Amazon. We also network with local businesses in the US to ensure the most successful launch.

Accurate market research and analysis is the most basic foundation when preparing for a US launch.

Vizstarter has that basic step fully covered. We will support by taking the vital first step with you for your successful launch.


A-Z One-Stop Solution

Everyone dreams and challenges of launching in the US, but it may not be as easy as it seems. From branding, marketing, to even distribution platforms, there is not a factor you should miss.

Vizstarter has experienced and professional local teams in the US, providing an A to Z one-stop solution that effectively manages and grows your brand and business.

We don’t stop at simply drafting a crowdfunding project. Our comprehensive services offer branding, marketing, logistics, inventory management, fast and friendly customer service and B2B support for third party distributor launches, including Amazon launches we offer fast and friendly customer service, as well as logistical support.


Success Story Made Together

Your dreams, challenges and success are Vizstarter’s dreams, challenges and success.

The growth of Korean start-ups and small/midsize businesses, as well as their passion and their stories is what fuels Vizstarter to do our best every single day. 

We will do our very best for your brand to shine even more on the global stage.


Vizstarter’s Departments/Teams

Crowdfunding Team

  • Business Development & Planning
  • Content Development
  • Design & Art
  • Videography
  • Marketing & PR

Amazon & Beyond Team

  • Business Development & Planning
  • Amazon Management
  • Design & Art
  • Social Media
  • Marketing & PR
  • B2B Support

Support Team

  • Customer & Backer Support
  • Technical Support
  • Returns & Quality Control
  • Logistics Support

VizEdu Team

  • Business Development & Planning
  • Content Development
  • Design & Art
  • Communication

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